this is suck..
sok ader test.mcm2 dugaan ari starving glew uh..
sick of those people..never  appreciate wut i’ve done for them..
i am all alone..miss tat suck guy..huh..
wut to do..jdoh tader..stay jla single..
ta ksut ngat na  rndu2..
aaaarggghhhhh!!! tension..
ak rndu sume mmory mase kte ckp na kawan sampai mampos dlu..
skunk ak sowg.kowg wat hal kowg an..
cakap bezfwen..ape cer..mane kata2 kowg 2 ah?
ckp ja lebeyh..
sedeyh siot..
uh..hard to believe sume ni an..suck!!!!..sial tol..
ta suke..
bile la dpt blah dr sini…
kaw bkin ka stress sial!!!
bangkai btol lawh..blah ah.

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