its monday today rite..haha..
unless u r not reading my blog todaY la kan..
in my life..i do wish a happy life as the other..
going class..staying in my room with my beloved roomate which doesnt love me at all..
ntah la.. i have no idea with my life.. i dont know what i am thinking right now..
im stressed!
my bf do playing around as last 2 days accident..
i feel sorry if it..
seems like..he bcame like that bcoz of me..
mybe thats right kan…i dont deserve him in my life..
whatever i wanted he will do till i get the best..
sumtimes i feel like he deserve sum one better than me..
ntah la..
i love him..
i do love him..
thanks god skunk da ok..
at least kitowg ader usaha nak bebaik..
thnks a lot syg…
coz awk thn ngan skap sy..

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