living in this world is not easy..
not all peeps are perfect n so do i..
accept the fact as it is..
ask before gives out a word..
dun just simply judge peeps as u like..
n hahaha..
laugh as u wanted..
cry..let it all out..
if that may release u..
spend some time with ur loves one..
dun create a trouble wif a troublemaker..
love urself as who u are..
if im not the one..
tengs a lot..
picture wont exist without a camera..
no moving treee without a wind..
start the day with a sincere smile..
accept the future. and .learn by the past..

p/s: have u ever think about them in ur lyfe??
         stop sending tat mailto:f@#$#*** ($*#) ouke..
         sincerely, im not demand for all that

think twice..
if u wanna start a new life..
trow away those past…
if u wanna with me..
u gootta get with my fren..
making life forever..friendship neva end ouke..


esokk ade test 
human resources management
quiz principle of selling practice
i believe in myself..
no caption..
yg pasti..
idop tade owg yg pningkan pale mmg 
lame betol takk singgah kan2..
act bz sket..
bayak jugakk lah..
pndah2 umah ni..
ive just got new tootie n boobie..
cumell kan..
mereka cumell kan2..
then almost bape mggu jugakk lah..
kne cat sendirik my room..
dah pndah dr umah sewa yg pmrintahan dye agak..
ahaha skit..
rase lega..
btw, ni my room..
nmpak sgt kecik..
tp puas aty sgt2..
bcoz i yg cat sendirik..
pink & purple..